2022-23 Season Goals - Coach Dart reviews application topics to help you achieve team goals!!!

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This edition of Coach Dart's Tip of the week! covers the complete Dartfish baseball-softball toolset. Since all programs will be staring their fall season with individual workouts and team practice, it will be important to know what specific areas of players coaches will need to work on with specific players to improve their game performance.and preparing for them for the spring season, 

We have organized this paper with links to specific application topics covered in the recent webinar session by Missy Lombardi.  These topics should align with areas your head coach would like to see team improvements. The papers themselves show how to apply the technology and create coaching efficiencies between coaches and players.  


If you have wanted to implement video technology into your program, now is the time! As you can see, we have products for all budgets.  Simply read the product descriptions below and if interested in learning more CLICK on the LINK to either see a video or read a short application article. 


To schedule a private no obligation demonstration session, contact gina.fogue@dartfish.com or text her mobile at 816.682.0953. 

My Dartfish Express 

This is our mobile app that's primary used in bullpens, batting practice and any type of practice drill . It is a very simple and effective tool for video capture and visual feedback.


 Simply capture video from the internal camera or stadium cameras, then create and share markup drills with your players or drill comparisons using side by side teaching video. 


Very affordable and includes a 50G cloud for sharing video. $150.00/yr. 


This product is included with all of our baseball-softball solutions.

CLICK HERE  To watch the training video

My Dartfish Sport for Baseball Softball Programs

For colleges with smaller budgets, travel teams and high schools. Lower cost product with everything included in one easy to use product.


If you've wanted to implement video technology tools into your program, but always thought the tools were beyond your budgets and resources don't miss this opportunity to see this product!


Includes Dartfish Express Plus and 50G cloud for sharing video with coaches and players. $1250.00/yr.

CLICK HERE to read a short article on this product.

My Dartfish Pro Products

For colleges, with larger budgets and staff resources.  We offer three product options. They all offer easy to use self-charting tool-set or optional charting services or opponent scouting library.


The tool-set produces easy to interpret player performance and tendency reports that are directly linked to a pitcher or hitter's video. 


The graphical reports and associated pitch video can be reviewed in live or zoom type meetings or shared directly to players mobile devices or any internet connected device. 


Below, are several high value learning tips that coach dart has recently published. They cover various topics that align with program goals and create efficiencies for coaches. 


CLICK ON ANY LINK below to read Coach Dart's tip on applying our graphical player reports and video technology to your program.

1. Practice- Assessing Hitters

2. Practice-Assessing Pitchers 

3. Scouting Opponent Pitchers

4. Scouting Opponent Hitters
5. Opponent Scouting Library
6. Dartfish Charting Service
7. Online viewing multiple cameras

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