Scout Opponent Hitters

Modified on: 2021-10-12 10:20:22 +0200

In this session, we will show you how to scout opponent hitters using our pitcher tendency reports with linked pitch video.

The process is similar but instead of using the reports to indicate a pitchers dominate pitch type and location in counts, we will use the our hitters swing tendency reports. The swing tendency reports indicate how aggressive the hitter is on the first pitch as well the hitters weakness in making solid contact based on pitch type and pitch location. The reports also indicate the hitters strength where they hit the ball hard for hits or outs.  Lets take a look at the process and swing tendency report.

Step1: Login to your reports channel. You will see button access to your private database, the opponent scouting library, and the ability to combine the two databases to generate the pitcher tendency reports shown below.

Step2: To scout an opponent hitter, select the hitters name that your pitchers will be facing. The generated tendency report shows the dominant pitch types and locations thrown to the hitter on the first pitch, when the hitter swings not making good contact, as well as ball hard for hits or outs along with the hitters spray charts. The reports can be filtered by right or left handed pitchers.  

Reports can be used interactively in the game planning process or printed for game usage. This season we will be offering a new single page in-game report for all hitters. 

Step3: To generate the video playlist directly from the tendency reports, use the one click video playlist creation button. The video playlist is created and shared in team meeting, zoom meetings or individually to the players mobile device. The example below shows the video playlist that is created based on hitters swing tendency report.

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