Dartfish’s Charting Service

Modified on: 2021-11-03 10:12:50 +0100

In this session, we will discuss our charting service! This service is intended for programs that want to use the technology tools but do not have the staff resources to self-chart their seasons games or build their own private opponent scouting library. 

I would like to emphasize; we do not use our charting service to enhance our opponent scouting library service.

Unlike other vendors charting services, our service is totally separate from our opponent scouting library and the games that we chart for your program are private to your program only. 

The service is an add-on to one of our standard bundles. To use the service, the customer uploads the video of the game captured from your portable or stadium cameras along with the box score of the game. The charting team will chart the game, run through our quality checks and publish the reports and video to your private reports and video channel.

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