SPRING TRAINING- Assessing your pitcher's accuracy on pitch type and location!

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As you start spring training sessions, coaches will be assessing players skills and putting them on skill development plans. The Dartfish toolset provides easy to use tools to assess players skillsets and teach through video from bullpens, Live-BP and scrimmage games. 


In this session the coach will explain how to use the toolset within Bullpen Sessions to assess a pitcher's ability to accurately throw pitch type to specific locations based on a script. To accomplish this, coaches review a pitcher's graphical performance report and can optionally review the pitch video with the pitcher either through zoom type meeting or directly to the pitchers' mobile telephone. The process is simple and completed in three easy steps. 


  • Record video from either behind or in front of the pitcher. (unattended)


  • A staff member charts each pitch using the supplied charting panel, selecting the pitch type, location and hit result and accuracy.   The data and video are uploaded to your private cloud channel.


  • When uploaded the pitch data produces graphical pitcher reports with video playlist. The coaches use the reports and video to access, review and teach the team pitchers.

Below shows a copy of the supplied charting panel for bullpens.  A staff member can chart live while the Bullpen session is occurring or from the video file.  In either case the staff member watches the pitch and presses the buttons that selects the pitchers name, pitch type, location and pitch result based on a script provided by the pitching coach. 


The charting data produces graphical reports that shows the pitchers' ability to throw specific pitch types to a location to both r-handed and l-handed hitters. 


For example, we have filtered the data on all the pitches thrown in a specific session.  In this case the pitching coach was working on rise and drop balls thrown. The coach can quickly see the accuracy of these two pitches (type and location) that were thrown to location in the script. The coach can setup the script to throw to right or left-handed hitters, as well as the complete at bat or a specific number of pitches.

The graphical reports are linked to the pitch video allowing coaches to review and share with the pitcher in zoom type meeting or shared directly to the hitter's mobile phone with markups and voice-overs. Below are examples of both a softball and baseball bullpen session.  The video playlist is generated directly by the filters established in the graphical bullpen reports.

Thanks for taking the extra time to learn more about this tip and see a sample of the hitter's assessment report with the video playlist.


What are you waiting for? Let's setup an online discussion and demonstration. To setup an online session contact gina.fogue@dartfish.com

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