New Product: My Dartfish Sport for Baseball-Softball Programs

Modified on: 2021-11-04 18:54:19 +0100

In this weeks tip, the coach will show you our newest product called My Dartfish Sport. The product is a lower cost version of our award-winning pro series products that focuses on smaller colleges, travel teams, and high schools.  It addresses the two major reasons that smaller programs and travel teams do not adapt technology toolsets (cost and resources limitations). 


For the subscription cost of $100/month provides programs the ability to chart game pitches that produce for coaches pitcher and hitter performance reports linked to online pitch video.  The online player performance reports, produce video playlist that can be shared directly to the players mobile devices. 


Below is a copy of the hitters performance reports. The reports can be used interactively by the coaches to filter pitch video and generate video playlist on specific players in game situations.  For example, Let's review the Georgia Southern Hitters that produced RBI's in the game. When the report is filtered on the six RBI's the report will show you the hitters that produced the RBI's along with other related stats such as hard hit balls that produced the RBI's


Video playlist are created from the report filters and can be shared remotely to the players mobile telephones or any internet connected devices.

Thanks for taking the extra time to learn more about this tip and see a sample of the hitters performance report with the video playlist created on the six RBI's produced by the Georgia Southern hitters.


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