Dartfish Introduces our NEW In-game scouting report!

Modified on: 2022-01-24 18:23:40 +0100

Welcome to the next issue of Dartfish's tip of the week. Each week, Coach Dart will review some specific areas where our technology toolsets can enhance a coach’s ability to develop their players skills or prepare the team to face opponents. 


The coach is very excited about this week's session.  Dartfish just released our NEW In-game scouting report and believe that will have a very large impact on a team's game planning and scouting processes.


It would be very difficult to explain the report through an article, so I went right to the person that invented the report and asked her to produce a video tutorial. 

The coach promises you it will be worth your time (Less than 10 minutes) to watch the tutorial. 


Please click on this Link https://dartfi.sh/gSl96raW8ki to watch the video. tutorial.  Thanks for taking the extra time to watch the video on the new in-game scouting report.


What are you waiting for? Let's setup an online discussion and demonstration. To setup an online session contact gina.fogue@dartfish.com or contact her by mobile telephone 816.682.0953

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