Creating Smart Playlist for easy recall and sharing with players

Modified on: 2022-04-04 21:50:40 +0200

Welcome to the next edition of Coach Dart’s tip of the week.  This week coach Dart is going to change the format and answer a specific question from one of our coaches. The coach will answer their question then conduct a short demonstration showing how the tool-set addresses the coaches question.


THE COACHES QUESTION! I have a couple of very good players that I am working hard on becoming hitter’s vs. swingers. These hitters tend to be swingers when they are behind in the count especially with a 0-2 count.  Could you show me how to create, share and review this video playlist based on this specific condition with my hitters in games or practice?


COACH DART'S ANSWER, Thank you for this excellent question. The cutup video with the data is uploaded to a private video sharing platform we call Dartfish TV. Once uploaded, coaches can create a search for specific pitch video based on pitch information (such as a specific hitter’s video when the count is 0-2), This is done without any software loaded on their computer.  All that is required is an internet connection and be subscribed to your Dartfish TV channel. Once logged into the Dartfish TV channel, the coach can create and store the video playlist, sharing it privately with the player in zoom type meeting or shared directly to the player’s mobile phone.


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To view a short video demonstration showing how the tool-set addresses the coaches question. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

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