Online viewing of muliple camera views| Coach Dart’s Tip of the week

Modified on: 2021-11-25 14:55:07 +0100

In this weeks tip, we will show you how to review video online from multiple camera feeds (stadium cameras, portable cameras, or broadcast video streams).


For example, if pitch video is captured from centerfield, homeplate and side views coaches from any internet connected device (computer or mobile devices) can find a specific players video and review the video from any camera angle

STEP1: Uploading Muliple Camera Video: The image below shows a game that was captured and charted using four camera views. The Dartfish software supports video capture from either stadium cameras,portable cameras,or video streaming services. Below is a screenshot of how you would upload muliple video views to your Dartfish TV channel.  Open the video files and place the video player in muliview mode and press the export and share icon. 

STEP2: Reviewing Camera Angles Online: Once the multiple camera view video has been uploaded to your Dartfish TV channel. Coaches, players and authorized users can filter on a player and view any of the four camera angles (centerfield, homeplate, or either side view) by selecting the camera view.

Thanks for taking the extra time to learn more about online viewing online multi camera angles. Like all of our tips of the week, we hope after reading this session you will contact us for an online discussion and demonstration of our baseball-softball products. To setup an online session contact by email or call her mobile at 816.682.0953.

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