The importance of self-charting tools (Even if you are using a charting Service)

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Welcome to the next edition of Coach Dart’s tip of the week.  This week coach Dart takes a question from a coach regarding how to overcome common problems within player development functions when using a charting service. Here is the coach's question!  


The last several years we had a service that charted our games from video the staff uploaded.  After charting we were able to review players game video through their online service.  We were not happy with them sharing our video with other teams, the time that it took them to chart and post games, the accuracy of the charted data and most of all not having the ability to review our players practice video.  Can you show me how your toolset can help me improve my player development process? 


COACH DART'S ANSWERThank you for this question. All of your issues that you are stating are hidden problems with charting services.


At a quick glance, having a service to chart and publish your games for online access seems like a very convenient service.  However, issues are not discovered until after you start using the service. 


One major issue as pointed out by the coach is ownership rights to the data and video. By retaining the rights, these service providers can increase the value of their scouting service by selling your data and video to other teams or even generate alternate revenue models by selling your data and video to gambling companies. 


The problem that you will quickly realize is the inability to self-chart practices, scrimmage games or weekend games were turn-around time is an issue.  To solve this problem, our subscription service includes easy to use self-charting tools for games, bullpens and live-bp. These electronic charting tools follow baseball-softball rules and have built in features that eliminate charting errors.

Want to ask your questions on how the tool-set will help you obtain your seasons goals? Then what are you waiting for? Setup an online session by contacting or contact her by mobile telephone 816.682.0953.


To learn more about our products contact Gina Fogue at using the contact information below. To see a quick video demonstration of our self-charting tools. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

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