What is myDartfish Baseball - Softball ?

Modified on: 2021-02-10 11:33:44 +0100

Dartfish, a leader in Baseball-Softball player development tools, today announced a new addition to its Baseball-Softball product family. This product is a lower cost version of our award-winning pro series products.  It takes some of the concepts of our player development reports and video playlist generation providing an affordable solution for smaller colleges, high school and traveling teams. In this paper we will describe the three process steps below to deliver tremendous value to your program.

VIDEO CAPTURE AND PITCH CHARTING: To capture video you will use a portable camera or mobile device and a tripod. Place the camera or mobile device on the view you want to capture, typically centerfield or home plate. Focus the camera or device and leave the video run unattended through the game or practice.  At the end of the game or practice you will simply import the video into the Dartfish Live-S software. The charting process can be done live or after the game or practice. A parent or staff member simply watches the video or live action pushing buttons for each pitch that describes the pitch results.  The charting panel incorporates what we call our smart roster technology.  This feature automates the charting process, ensuring the correct pitchers and hitters’ information is entered for each pitch. The process is similar to electronically scoring the game.

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